North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe



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Week 1
To Clever By Half, by John F. Levin, San Francisco, CA
Empress of Boca, by Esta Fisher, Jackson Heights, NY
Sometime, by Jayme Kilburn, Ithaca, NY
The Picture Window, by Dwayne Yancey, Fincastle, VA
Character Assassination, by Robert O'Connell, Coral Springs, FL
The Confession, by Jerry Levitin, Napa, CA
Sept 30, 8 PM
Oct 1, 8 PM
Oct 2, 2 PM

Week 2
Waiting For The Witch, by David Brendan Hopes, Asheville, NC
Dangling Participles, by Jeffrey Neuman, Denver, CO
Mrs. Samsa's Brunch, by Stanley Brown, Los Angeles, CA
Where Is Santa Claus?, by Lewis Shilane, Joplin, MO
Merry Maids, by Connie Schindewolf, Bradenton, FL
Never Give Up, by James Hutchison, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Oct 7, 8 PM
Oct 8, 8 PM
Oct 9, 2 PM

Week 3
Cocktail Party, by Thomas J. Misuraca, Tarzana, CA
Ava Turns Fifty, by Michael F. Bruck, New York, NY
Sentimental Value, by John Molina, Chula Vista, CA
Charlie and Rose, by Diane Haring, Huntington, NY
Always, by Stephen Cooper, Longboat Key, FL
Don't You Think You Need A Sweater?, by Lojo Simon, Laguna Beach, CA
Oct 14, 8 PM
Oct 15, 8 PM
Oct 16, 2 PM

Week 4
The Final Round, by Patrick Castaneda, San Diego, CA
Nano Romance, by George J. Bryjak, Bloomingdale, NY
Midway, by Colleen Shaddox, East Haddam, CT
Ledges, by Joseph Vitale, Denville, NJ
The Horses In Central Park, by Paul Hufker, Union City, NJ
Audition, by Richard Chin, St. Paul, MN
Oct 21, 8 PM
Oct 22, 8 PM
Oct 23, 2 PM