North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe


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Buy tickets here or call 619 368 9426. Note: No tickets will be mailed to you, we are notified of each sale.

Program 1, Oct 15 and 16

"Reservations" by Kristine Mietzner
"Who Knew It Would Be Like A Campfire" by Linda Peavy
"Said The Soder To The Fly", by Madeline Daly Puccioni
"Ruby" by Donald Loftus
"Thrift Store Books" by Madeline Sornson
October 15, 3 PM
Call 619 368 9426
October 16, 3 PM

Program 2, Oct 22 and 23

"IOU" by Patience M. Whitman
"Milk, Eggs, and Butter" by Nick Sliverstein
"Consumer Confidence" by Susan Middaugh
"The Drive" by Stephen Taft
"The Gift" by Michael Many
"A Dog's (Quarantine) Life" by J. Jean
October 22, 3 PM
October 23, 3 PM
Sold Out

Program 3, Oct 29 and 30

"Typical Meoldrama" by Summer Golden
"Yartzheit" by Janet S. Tiger
"Infrequent Fliers" by Leslie Sanderson
"Will To Live" by Sharon Steeber
"Just In Time" by Nedra Pezold Roberts

October 29, 3 PM
October 30, 3 PM