North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe



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Week 1
Sidelines, by Mary Byrne Hoffmann, San Diego, CA
Date For Trudy, by Holly Klass, Normal, IL
Christina's Cuisine, by John Molina, Chula Vista, CA
Straight Out of the Closet, by Trish Ayers, Berea, KY
Special Delivery, by Allan Provost, Miami, FL
The Human Dilemma, by Earl T. Roske, Hayward, CA
Special, by Sean H. Crawford, Waltham, MA

Oct 3, 8 PM
Oct 4, 8 PM
Oct 5, 2 PM

Week 2
Die, You Heartless Etc. Etc., by David Guaspari, Ithaca, NY
Jury Duty, by Janet Barnes, Edina, MN
Nashama, by Shmuel Geller, Newtown Square, PA
The Sleeping Beauty of Burbank, by Rosemary Frisino Toohey, Baltimore, MD
A Bottle of Vodka, by Connie Schindewolf, Bradenton, FL
Bang!, by Richard Newman, St. Louis, MO

Oct 10, 8 PM
Oct 11, 8 PM
Oct 12, 2 PM

Week 3
Evolution, by Tony Tomaine, Randolph, NJ
The Narcoleptic Pillow Fight, by Alex Dremann, Philadelphia, PA
Poison Control, by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill, Denver, CO
Beatrix Potter Must Die, by Patrick Gabridge, Brookline, MA
STAT!, by Ron Burch, Los Angeles, CA
Box of Worries, by Kathleen A. McLaughlin, La Mesa, CA

Oct 17, 8 PM
Oct 18, 8 PM
Oct 19, 2 PM

Week 4
Beige is the New Plum Crazy, by Garrett Heater, Oswego, NY
Many Worlds, by Thomas J. Misuraca, Tarzana, CA
Left/Right, by Eric K. Auld, Hadley, NY
Clown Wives, by Kim Carney and Marie O'Donnell, Beverly Hills, MI
Speed Dating, by Michael Conley, San Diego, CA
Cougar, by Holli Harms, New York, NY

Oct 24, 8 PM
Oct 25, 8 PM
Oct 26, 2 PM